Food To Go Update July 8/9

CALL (831) 457-1677 4 to 730pm…pick-up from 5 to 8 pm

Tuesday – Sunday

Pick up is now at front door on sidewalk

NOW Patio and Sidewalk Dining

Seamless handoff with cc# on order

Gabriella Focaccia 12in. square …5

Sliced Focaccia with castelvetrano olives …9

Watsonville Brussel Sprouts — apple gastrique & toasted hazelnuts …9

Pinnacle Farms Crispy Cauliflower – black currant chili oil, garlic, parsley & pine nuts …9

Gabriella Famous Caesar – Live Earth little gems, croutons & reggiano ..12

Market Salad – Live Earth Farm butter lettuce, avocado, spring onions, cucumbers, carrots, radish, balsamic…11

Roast Live Earth Farms Beets – arugula, goat cheese, candied citrus, honey lemon vinaigrette& honey pistachio puree …12

Caprese – basil, Live Earth Farm tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, XVO & balsamic reduction …15

Rodini Farms Grilled Artichoke- garlic aioli & arugula…12

Sauteed Shishito Peppers – garlic & reggianoo …12

Grilled Yellow Peaches – burrata, balsamic...15

Bigoli Co. Fresh Spaghetti bologneses sauce & reggiano …28

Porcini Gnocchi – calabrese sausage, market vegetables, arugula, white wine & reggiano.. 25

Butternut Squash Ravioli – beets, butternut squash, pine nuts, truffle honey, brown butter, sage & goat cheese …25

Truffle Brie Ravioli – garlic cream, poblano peppers ,tomato, reggiano…28

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Vegetable Risotto – romesco sauce…25

Superior Farms Lamb Shoulder – horseradish creme fraiche, market vegetable & crispy potatoes …32

Bassian Farms NY Steak- romesco sauce, mkt veg & mashed potatoes42

Delmonte Pork Shoulder – green pepian sauce, mkt veg & crispy potatoes..32

Panko Crusted Rockfish – corn avocado salsa, mkt veg, polenta…32

Two Grilled Durham Ranch Quail – mustard honey lemon aioli, market vegetables & mashed potatoes…32


Peach Strawberry Crumble – whipped cream…9

Sacher Torte…dried and fresh apricots…9

Cheesecake Flan…fresh strawberries…9

A small tip for the kitchen is greatly appreciated

All Wines 30% off list